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Certified Fitness Coach

Comprehensive Pain Specialist

Scott Lamb is dedicated to helping people find the joy of living in their body again and prevent athletes from future injuries. 

With a BS in Kinesiology, Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Resistance Training Specialist, Scott has proven results for his clients. He uses his years of experience combined with Muscle Activation Technique to improve the quality of life in his clients. 

Feel better than you did during your prime! Want your body to last as long as you can at your sport? 

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Client Testimonials

"My name is Jordan Cook, 
I am a fitness professional as well that works in the same facility as Scott. 
 I have had lower back pain for years. I've been to massage therapist, corrective specialist, you name it, and never found relief until I cam across Scott and his expertise. 
 Now, I refer any client with pain or limited range of motion to Scott, and he has improved not only my back, but many of my clients quality of life. 

 I would 100% recommend Scott!"
"After experiencing exercise related back pain for over a year, I decided to give muscle activation therapy a try. This was after trying and finding temporary relief through other means, none of which eliminated the pain for good. I was completely skeptical, but from day one I was impressed with Scott's assessment and understanding of how the body works as a whole.
I am happy to say that within a few months, Scott was able to fix the issues that were causing my back pain! Because I'm active, I continue to see Scott and he helps to manage any aches and pains that pop up.

 I would absolutely recommend Scott Lamb Fitness to anyone trying to manage pain or heal from injuries." - Tarin C.
"I went to see Scott concerning a debilitating shoulder injury from power lifting. I could not let it hang and kept me up at night. I was in excruciating pain. 
 I went in and after one session with Scott I slept for the first time in months and the static pain was gone. Scott has put me back together and now I am back in full Lift hard and heavy mode. 

Having Scott in my corner allows me to push harder knowing I have someone that can address issues quickly and with great precision. He is constantly developing his craft and attaining new certifications to become an even better MAT practitioner to which he is already in the highest levels of.
I have been thoroughly impressed with every session and have been with Scott for over a year now. " - Chris D.